A Word On Procrastination, Our Daily Risks And Forgotten Desires

Posted under Procrastination on Tuesday 29 May 2012 at 10:45 pm

procrastinationProcrastination is a common bad behavior pattern. Procrastination usually happens when a person bases the assumptions on some negative experience, and procrastination is directly linked to the risks of entering some uncomfortable zone. Therefore, procrastination goes hand in hand with risks and uncomfortable zone, and it can understood as the situation when a person does not assume the responsibility to take risks or take a responsibility for making a certain choice. Procrastination is based on our fear to face certain consequences of our actions, the consequences which are most likely to be negative or unpleasant and which a person does not want to face or deal with at the moment.

Undoubtedly, we all try to avoid making mistakes because all our mistakes lead to disappointments and being out of conceit with our life, our friends, other people, or our feelings. That is why we are ready to do everything possible in order to stay in our own comfort zone at all times. That is why we procrastinate and try to avoid the things or actions which can make us out of it. Many experts say that procrastination can actually have positive effects, and until you procrastination starts bothering you or starts ruining your life, you can look for ways to procrastinate and avoid assuming too much risks on doing what you do not  want to. However, in many people procrastination causes a lot of discomfort and arises the question “What do I want in this life?”

We all want something and we’re all interested in something, but we all hate to risk with something in this life. Therefore, in order to avoid risking, we give up our interests, forget about our values, our true desires and even our needs, misplace them or just substitute with our responsibilities and duties. We ignore our true feelings and emotions in order just not be bothered and remain in our comfort zone for as long as possible. We totally do not understand curiosity of small children and their desire to learn everything, try new things and take a great deal of risks. We understand that is can bring to pains, aches, numerous mental and physical stresses, failures, mistakes, and more and more disappointments.

As a result, we get lost in procrastinating and there are no curiosity or real passion in our life. We’re trying to play as safe as possible, that is why our life is becoming harder and harder, filled with undeveloped initiatives, unfulfilled desires and the dreams which have never came true. We’re afraid to look stupid, funny, or misunderstood. Those are the bases of our daily procrastination which makes us be deaf and not hear our inner voices and desires. Procrastination teaches us nothing else but being blind and senseless, being unhappy with our working and personal life, making only small and very often unnecessary steps to our happiness, instead of making one-two big steps and being happy right now. Procrastination makes us pull up at every corner instead of riding fast all along our way.

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