True Colors Personality Test, Part II

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Check out the history of True Colors Personality Test in this article.

People, who chose Orange color (can be related to Fire in Zodiac), are natural born leaders. They are very strong, powerful, have good potential and talents, and usually achieve success in business. They are very resourceful and can be good managers or administrators. They like action, competition, achieving goals and attain results; they are very quick and resilient.

True Colors Personality TestPeople of Gold color (people of Earth) can be characterized with discipline and responsibility. They are always organized, stable, very reliable, punctual and thorough. They believe that the best purpose for life is to serve humanity and find themselves as perfect social workers.

Individuals of Green color (Air in Zodiac) are very creative and imaginative. They have incredible natural vision and can adapt to changes very easy and effortlessly. They can be good investigators or explorers due to their good abilities to systematize and to plan. They are always persistent and determined in their work, and they always seek for information and rely on true facts, not feelings, unlikely to people of the last Blue color.

Those who chose Blue color (Water), understand the world around them through feelings and their phenomenal intuition. These people are very sensitive and very calm, they have nature talents to communicate, cooperate and collaborate very successfully, so they are very good team-players.

There is a huge variety of opportunities, which this test can be useful and effective for. First of all, it may help us to research and discover our own feelings, habits, thoughts, and ways of understanding and comprehending of this world. Second, as this test can also describe our organizational behavior and life activity, it can be very useful for studying our position in social groups, like in schools, offices, other business organizations. This test may assist us in making correct decisions, recognizing our perspectives in life or business, it may help a manager to choose the right person to employ and help an employee to choose the best office position, or it may help teachers to find more effective approach to their students.

The concept of True Colors remains a subject of interest of numerous contemporary specialists. Diana Vandel, an organizational strategist and the president of Winning Solutions, created a program named Hue-Man Traits Personality Test based on True Colors Concept. This test became a part of numerous training courses in communication and leadership abilities, management of conflicts and other business programs, which are offered by Winning Solutions. Writer, instructor and counseling expert Carolyn Khalil carries out numerous seminars and lectures. Since 1988 she has been helping thousands of people to discover own purpose and change their lives, to recognize own abilities and powers.  According to Don Lowery, one of the creators of True Colors Personality Test, it is one of the most important and efficient models in practical psychology, because it can help anyone “.. to understand and control the realities of life.”

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