Beat Your Tardiness: Specifying the Directions and Strategies

Posted under I am Always Late on Wednesday 20 August 2008 at 9:39 pm

Getting StartedAfter we have acknowledged the problem of perpetual lateness and analyzed own negative behavioral patterns that lead to tardiness and being always late, it is time to learn more about the techniques and specific tactics that must be helpful in our situation and will really work! Breaking a bad habit requires a complex approach, that is why we are going to start fighting with our slowness and tardiness by working on this problem in several directions. Moreover, many specialists suggest developing good habits instead of bad ones, and we will definitely try to follow this great piece of advice as well.

Chronic procrastination is the first negative habit of ours that frequently brings us to being late and slow in our daily activities. Many people have a tendency to put important things off and frequently try to escape from daily chores or other activities. There are various reasons why we procrastinate, and also there are different tactics that can help us to break this terrible habit. All the materials related to procrastination you can find in the related category of our site.

Effective self organization is impossible without developing good time management skills. There is a great deal of programs and strategies created for the people who need to advance their time management skills, learn how to plan and organize their time. Time management also helps us to improve our performance and productivity, have more time for leisure and rest, reduce stresses and understand that we posses our time but not time possesses us. All my recommendations and practical advice regarding effective time management are presented in Time Management category.

Finally, the hardest and the most challenging part of this personal improvement program is extinguishing such terrible habit of ours as laziness. When we try to do something, we always face Her Majesty Laziness. She is our subtle enemy that does not allow us to reveal our talents, fulfill ourselves and achieve the success we deserve to achieve. Everybody knows what I am talking about, and in order to fight with laziness, we will have to work hard on our self discipline and self organization. See the materials in the related category.

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