9 Amusing Reasons Of Being Late To The Office

Posted under I am Always Late on Sunday 4 September 2011 at 10:08 pm

There’s hardly a worse start of a day than waking up after a good and restful sleep, taking a glance at the watch and realizing that you’re going to be late to work again. You start scrambling, hastling, frantically throwing things into your bag, rushing around the house and thinking of leaving the house as soon as possible. Being no properly focused, you forget your car keys or cell phone, that’s why you’re forced to be back home right after leaving it. This goes on and on, your day starts terribly and the whole week goes on in quite a great deal of stresses. Unless a practice of being always late is not something absolutely usual for you.

It is reported that every one of five office workers is always late to work. Specialists analyzed the schedules and routine of more than 8,000 officials and came to the conclusion that 20 per cent of them arrive to the offices late at least once a week, and as much as 12 per cent is reported to be late at least twice a week. At that, traffic problems is named as the most common reason for being late, according to the office workers. 33 per cent blame traffic for their being late, when 24 per cent complain about their lack of sleep and 10 per cent of people blame their children in their being late to work.

However, a lot of office workers exploit their own imagination when it comes to looking for reasons of being late to work. Below, check out 9 most amusing and absurd reasons for not coming to the workplace on time.

1. reasons to be late to workMy husband always hides my car keys to enjoy watching me looking for it in the morning.

2. My son finds it amusing to lock me in my trunk in the morning.

3. In the morning, I found my bike tire bit by a groundhog and flat.

4. The heat in my house was shut off, and I had to stay home and make my aquarium fishes warm.

5. A raccoon attacked me on my way to work, so I had to go to an emergency room in the hospital.

6. When I was going out of my house I got stuck in a spider web so I had to be back home, change my dress and take a shower again.

7. My driveway was completely washed away by yesterday’s rain.

8. My left turn signal in the care went out of order, so I had to turn only to the right to get to work.

9. My husband/son/daughter/mother/father/brother did not wake me up.

Do not try to look ridiculous and instead of looking for more and more amusing reasons to be late to work, just start working on your schedule and learn to be always on time!