Three Important Steps On The Way To Overcoming Your Tardiness

Posted under I am Always Late on Friday 14 August 2009 at 10:15 pm

TardinessAs I have already said, many of those people who are chronically late or tardy have a tendency to justify their behavior by various outside factors. In other words, it is difficult for them to be honest with themselves and recognize the problem. That is why they go on looking for reasons and making up excuses for their improper behavior. However, there are times or certain situations, when these people start feeling sad or embarrassed because of their chronic tardiness. In such moments, there’s a great opportunity for them to begin working on changing their personality and giving up bad habit of being always late.

If you are one of those tarides, you should try changing your chronic tardiness and lateness in three steps. According to Diana Delonzor, the best option for you is to begin with monitoring closely your daily activities and write down, how many times you were late due to really important outside reasons and influences. Then, the expert recommends to recall all those regretful and embarrassing moments connected with your being late, as well as numerous uncompleted tasks, wrong steps, missed opportunities, canceled projects and so on. In order to acknowledge the problem you should fully understand negative consequences of your tardiness and lateness.

The second step is changing your mind and attitude toward punctuality. You should understand that being always late is nothing else but your personal choice, which takes source from the way you precept this world and look at your environment. To change your idea about chronic lateness and punctuality, you should look at the situation with the eyes of other people. Would you like the others making you wait all the time or breaking their promises? Will you still value and respect such people? It can be helpful to talk about your problem with someone you trust, with  a good friend or a relative who can give you an objective feedback on your usual behavior.

Finally, the third step is going into action and starting making some practical changes in your life. Rewarding yoruself for every successful attempt of not being late  is one of the most effective practical techniques, which can be generally used wen trying to change any bad behavior. Besides, you can punish youself every time when you are not punctual. For example, you can say your friends that you will pay for their meals every time you are late for a meeting or a party. This technique may work real great! Finally, you can ask people around you to assist and encourage you when you manage to be on time. Positive reaction of the people you love can be an excellent motivator for you to start changing yourself more effectively.

7 Rules To Be Successful In This Life

Posted under Motivation on Friday 24 July 2009 at 9:35 pm

Success, advancement, high incomes and high social status are among the greatest motivators for further professional and personal development. Many people are trying so hard to be successful in this life and achieve something, but very often they fail over and over again. In the end of the ends, they get disappointed, dejected, depressed, and give up all their hopes for better life, eventually turning into lazy and grumpy guys. Maybe, they were doing something wrong?

There are 7 rules for those, who want to be successful in this life. All of these rules are simple and well-known. Try to use them, and very soon you will feel positive changes in your life and career.

1. STOP PITYING YOURSELF AND START DOING SOMETHING RIGHT NOW! It is always easy to find the reasons for failure. Women believe that they have less chances for success in this “business world of men”, and men are sure that everything is easier for women. Overweight people tend to connect their failures with their weight, and slim or short people do the same thing. Stop looking for reasons and remember that you and only you are the master of your destiny and your life!

2. BE READY TO INVEST IN YOURSELF. Moreover, learn to pay a real price for really good things. Think carefully about everything that is really important in this life, and avoid being mean about such things.

3. DO NOT PLAN TO RECEIVE EVERYTHING RIGHT AWAY. Our hunger for fast and easy money can lead us to bankruptcy.  Those people who do not understand that it is better to start their career with getting an average salary in a strong reputable company than receive good money from a company with doubtful reputation. If you want to reap something, you need to throw a seed first.

4. REMEMBER THAT TIME IS MONEY. Treasure your time and know how you actually spend it. Only loses can afford wasting their time and time of the people around.

5. DO ONLY WHAT YOU REALLY LIKE DOING. It is impossible to talk about any success and advancement in the business which does not actually bring you satisfaction and enjoyment. If you hate what you are doing, immediately start looking for new directions and new horizons for yourself.

6. AVOID DOING SOMETHING OUT OF ENVY. Envy is one of the most terrible feelings, which makes many people take inconsiderate actions. If you want to be successful in this life, you should learn to value your own skills and abilities and not to look at what other people have or can do.

7.  AVOID BORROWING MONEY. We always want more money to buy a good name and reputation, a fame of generous and kind person, a feeling of personal importance, and so on. However, learn to say “no” to yourself in many situations and know how to manage your life by your own means.

Laziness + Motivation = A Healthy Laziness

Posted under Laziness on Sunday 3 May 2009 at 12:10 am

We all got used to the idea that laziness in any form is always something bad and negative, something we all need to fight against and feel embarrassed to demonstrate in public. However, there are always two sides of the same story, and there are situations when laziness should not be considered something shameful or embarrassing. Nothing is good in excessive amounts, as well as a habit to work hard. In such situation, using a little bit of laziness to calm down the urges to work hard without any rest will definitely have positive effects. Another type of healthy laziness is the one, which is supported by a good motivation. Fred Gratzon discusses the issues related to a motivated laziness in his blog, My Lazy Way to Success.

In his writing, Fred talks about two types of laziness. One is  a true evil, a type of laziness, when its owner tries by all means to avoid any possible sort of work which requires making some efforts. It is a basic form of laziness and it will never result in something positive or useful. Another is a good, healthy laziness of a higher level, which can always work for the good of its owner. Fred describes it as a tendency to “skillfully avoiding work“. In other words, such laziness results in looking for the ways of accomplishing everything by making minimum efforts. Obviously, knowing how to have the things done faster, cheaper, more effectively and with minimum losses of the resources should not be considered destructive.

Laziness is not always a bad thing which ruins people’s lives and creates obstacles for becoming reach or successful. You know so well that working hard is not the only factor which leads to success. It is not less important to be educated, talented, insistent and, certainly, lucky. “If correctly utilized, laziness is a one way ticket to great success“, Fred Gratzon writes in his blog. A healthy motivated laziness can help us learn to find the shortest ways to achieveing and accompishing the tasks that must be done. Therefore, transferring your passive, apathic and depressive laziness into an energetic, alert and skillfull laziness can be a great key to a personal success!

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