7 Rules To Be Successful In This Life

Posted under Motivation on Friday 24 July 2009 at 9:35 pm

Success, advancement, high incomes and high social status are among the greatest motivators for further professional and personal development. Many people are trying so hard to be successful in this life and achieve something, but very often they fail over and over again. In the end of the ends, they get disappointed, dejected, depressed, and give up all their hopes for better life, eventually turning into lazy and grumpy guys. Maybe, they were doing something wrong?

There are 7 rules for those, who want to be successful in this life. All of these rules are simple and well-known. Try to use them, and very soon you will feel positive changes in your life and career.

1. STOP PITYING YOURSELF AND START DOING SOMETHING RIGHT NOW! It is always easy to find the reasons for failure. Women believe that they have less chances for success in this “business world of men”, and men are sure that everything is easier for women. Overweight people tend to connect their failures with their weight, and slim or short people do the same thing. Stop looking for reasons and remember that you and only you are the master of your destiny and your life!

2. BE READY TO INVEST IN YOURSELF. Moreover, learn to pay a real price for really good things. Think carefully about everything that is really important in this life, and avoid being mean about such things.

3. DO NOT PLAN TO RECEIVE EVERYTHING RIGHT AWAY. Our hunger for fast and easy money can lead us to bankruptcy.  Those people who do not understand that it is better to start their career with getting an average salary in a strong reputable company than receive good money from a company with doubtful reputation. If you want to reap something, you need to throw a seed first.

4. REMEMBER THAT TIME IS MONEY. Treasure your time and know how you actually spend it. Only loses can afford wasting their time and time of the people around.

5. DO ONLY WHAT YOU REALLY LIKE DOING. It is impossible to talk about any success and advancement in the business which does not actually bring you satisfaction and enjoyment. If you hate what you are doing, immediately start looking for new directions and new horizons for yourself.

6. AVOID DOING SOMETHING OUT OF ENVY. Envy is one of the most terrible feelings, which makes many people take inconsiderate actions. If you want to be successful in this life, you should learn to value your own skills and abilities and not to look at what other people have or can do.

7.  AVOID BORROWING MONEY. We always want more money to buy a good name and reputation, a fame of generous and kind person, a feeling of personal importance, and so on. However, learn to say “no” to yourself in many situations and know how to manage your life by your own means.