Always Late: Big Power For The Big Ego

Posted under I am Always Late on Thursday 13 January 2011 at 2:44 pm

A lack of personal control and inability to control own time are among the main reasons why so many of us are always late to our meetings with friends, parties, or other events. For most of those people a lack of control is a real problem which they recognize and sometimes even try to fight with. However, there are people, who are chronic latecomers and who feel that a lack of control is a demonstration of their power, their authority and their big ego. In other words, by making people waiting for them they feed their desire to feel important and in charge of other people.

Such type of latecomers are mostly men, who are trying to show that they can neglect common rules and be rebels. Very often, girlfriends of such guys have to wait for them with no hope of receiving any type of normal explanations about the reasons of such behavior. This type of latecomer enjoy breaking the rules, being unusual and doing the thinks only their own way. At the same time, they are not always unbearable and difficult to manage with in their everyday life. However, they like being in charge of the things at home and follow their own rules and schedules.

These guys usually feel like big bosses who are always late for their meetings and make their subordinates wait all the time. The most harmful factor is that many of such type of latecomers always justify their tardiness and feel like they have right to be late all the time. When you are waiting for such type of a guy, be sure that he’ll come very late smiling and not very much caring about his being late. Possibly, he’ll complain a little about his being busy, about the traffic or lengthy queues. But generally, he’ll definitely make you understand how many obstacles and problems he managed to solve to honor you with his being with you now.

Specialists suppose that the roots of this problem go deeper into the latecomer’s personality and actually take source from low self-esteem and a lack of power. That is why such people tend to use their being late and playing with the time of other people to prove that they have power over other people’s life. They believe that making other people wait is an easy method to boost their own importance and authority. One of the best and the most effective techniques for helping such people gain control of their ego and their time is to drive them into cooperation and living a life of thinking about other people’s feelings. Such latecomers should understand that it is possible to show own power and authority in many other different ways.