The Impact Of Internet Marketing On Modern Business

Posted under Uncategorized on Wednesday 26 June 2013 at 9:48 am

Internet MarketingFor two decades the Internet has been changing the usual way of doing business: the way to market, advertise, distribute, communicate, and actually operate. By all indications, the development of Internet marketing will definitely continue to proceed rapidly, together with the improvement and progress of Internet services. What effects and implications we observed for the last years, and which are possible in the future taking into account such a fast advance of network technology?

First of all, modern internet marketing technologies are primarily directed on increasing of the speed of connection and offering more of variable and secure opportunities for users. In modern times, Internet has become much more available, faster and reliable, that considerably enlarged the number of potential clients together with the range and the quality of possible services. Speedy Internet increased the opportunity of selling different multimedia online, without using any medium, like CD or DVD, the cost of which can be removed from the price. As a result, a new and prosperous market segment appeared, where numerous Internet companies sell movies, software, music, or other digital entertainment online.

The second important point is that increased availability of Internet overwhelmingly enhanced the market for the majority of goods and services, and developed interactive communication networks which granted the producer and various good marketers the opportunities to reach the customers personally and to receive their response or reaction very fast. It required more advanced communicative skills and good knowledge of local markets from marketing specialists, but it definitely helped them reach new and very large market shares, both on national and international levels.

Growing Internet opportunities had a great impact to the most on intermediation sectors, because the majority of goods and products is now sold directly to customers, and the price can be considerably lowered. E-commerce has got an opportunity to increase the volumes and assortment drastically, it became possible and affordable to buy almost everything by Internet, from cars to tooth-picks, and that’s why in the nearest future it will become an important step for many producers and manufacturers to set up online distribution, and for marketing specialists – to support and advertise it, using various Internet tools, like personal e-mails, banners, online presentations and conferences, etc. Such benefits of Internet, as the opportunity of fast monitoring and communication, will obviously become handy for such marketing techniques, like customarization, pricing, estimation of value appreciation, and other marketing instruments and strategies.

In the coming years, Internet will become the most important and very effective tool of doing business and positioning of the goods, due to its relative liberty in dissemination of information and low costs. Besides, highly developed Internet is expected to lower chances of spammers and fraudulent companies, so online marketing will be much more effective for serious market players with competitive products and good “price-quality” indexes, for which the net will guarantee low cost benefits, high income margins, and rapid exchange of data. Huge growth can be predictable in online marketing as soon as opportunities of Internet will achieve the effectiveness and efficiency of present TV and radio advertisements, when Internet will come into every house and become cheap, fast and reliable source of information.

It is obvious that in the future innovative internet technologies and tools will grant colossal new opportunities for online marketing of all the enterprises and companies around the world, which will help to bring extended developments in business and considerably improve the ways of communicating with customers. But in order to receive the most from the benefits of e-marketing, companies will have to combine it with their other marketing strategies. For every producer and market player it will be still the most important to know the audience of their customers, to direct the marketing efforts towards the specific needs of their customers and to keep consistency and stability in all marketing campaigns: both offline and online.