9 Easy Ideas About Happiness And Being Happy In This Life

Posted under Motivation on Tuesday 24 January 2012 at 1:05 am

In our times of economic and financial crisis, social and environmental changes, growing number of serious diseases and infections, a lack of positive emotions and hopes for future, and even`end-of-world’ threat, how many of us can say that they really feel happy? And how many happy people can we see around us? People are busy and focused on solving numerous problems and managing stresses, so they have no time even to think about happiness. Want to feel happy? Check out the list of the ideas below.

1. feel happyYou can not feel happy unless you believe that you are happy. Being aware about your happiness and treasuring your happiness is the only way to maximize your feeling happy and take the most of this life!

2. Making others happy is the most effective way to be happy. It is a very common stress and depression management technique, which works perfectly well and always helps people feel good and happier. Making someone happier, making someone’s dream come true, making someone be more successful or self-confident can make a serious difference in your life as well, and you’ll feel happier!

3. Do not be afraid of looking too stupid or annoying because of being too happy. Some would suppose that happy people look too foolish and annoying, when sad and pessimistic people look more serious and smart. However, in real, happy people look much warmer and more friendly, more open and self-confident, less boring and selfish.

4. Happy people can share their happiness and make others happy as well. Think of that: if you can not make other people happy, are you really a happy person? I guess the answer is “rather not”.

5. You can start living a happy life on the foundation of your own nature. Listening to yourself, trying changing yourself for better, feeling happy with own individual growth, progress and success, feeling like being at the right place in this life and in this world – those are very important factors for feeling happy.

6. All you need to feel happier is to think of feeling good and right. Giving up thinking about endless problems, ailments, troubles, stressful conditions and pessimistic ideas, and learning to think of feeling good, safe, not troubled and healthy, will substantially improve your mood and make you feel heppy!

7. Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect. Being happy means having reasons to be happy, seeing beyond imperfections and problems in your life, enjoying being who you are, appreciating and taking pleasure from every moment of your life,

8. Trying to be happy is not selfish or self-absorbed. Some may believe that in the world full of diseases, poorness, suffering and tears, it is too selfish or callous, trying to be happy. There is also a public perception that happy people are not interested in the outer world and get focused on only their happy life. The truth is, happy people are much more open for helping others and sharing their positive emotions with those around them.

9. Start being happier right now!

9 Ways To Keep Optimistic And Never Be Late

Posted under Motivation on Wednesday 9 February 2011 at 5:28 am

Stresses, anger, depression and other negative factors contribute pretty much to people’s being disappointed with life, ignorant and being always late. Everyone of us has a lot of problems and frustrations, but there is no other way to get rid of them all but making yourself spiritually stronger and mentally healthy. Fortunately, there is a number of recommendations which can assist us in achieving psychological stability and learning to feel happier.

A group of American psychologists created a list of the most effective ways to get the keys from happiness. Those include little things and little habits which we need to develop in order to feel better, keep optimistic and improve our mood. Psychologists are sure that even little sparks of happiness and positive thinking can become a very effective weapon on our hands, which can help us to beat frustration, anger, hate, procrastination, laziness, depression, as well as protect us from certain diseases and even prolong our life. Check out the suggestions below on how to learn feeling happier.

positive thinking1. Try to get focused only on positive memories in your life.

2. Try to remember how you feel when you experience pleasant sensations.

3. If you start feeling depressed and down, learn to pretend and act as you are feeling happy.

4. Try doing the activities you enjoy the most.

5. Share your positive emotions with the others.

6. Try to say “thank you” to other people as often as possible

7. Praise yourself for your efforts and for your achievements.

8. Celebrate important moments in your life.

9. Try to sincerely believe that the things in your life are going fine and will go even better day by day.

Undoubtedly, optimistic and positive thinking can help you develop such traits as high self-esteem, strong willpower, desire to be more responsible and more disciplined, etc. Even if you are buried under a huge burden of problems and stresses, sit back for a moment, take a deep breath and look around you. Life is beautiful and still you are in control of your own life. Try not to analyze bad experiences from you past, get concentrated on your now and on your future. Remember that happiness is always around, it just only needs to be noticed…