Excessive Excitement And Anxiety: More Reasons To Be Always Late

Posted under I am Always Late on Monday 19 April 2010 at 12:51 am

Excessive ExcitementThose folks who are always late know so well that there are many reasons of chronic lateness and tardiness. Most of them take source of our daily lifestyle and habits, some originate from our time management problems and laziness, and some should be looked for in the deepness of our personality. Many latecomers have personal problems, like too low self-esteem, wrong self-perception or a  lack of self-control.

Many chronic latecomers, especially women, suffer from the problems of being always late due to their hyper-excitability. For example, it is a very typical situation when a young lady of our times is getting late to work, meetings or even parties as she gets excited and spends hours for choosing a good bag, or skirt, or shoes. Excessive excitement and anxiety does not give her an opportunity to keep her thoughts together and control her time.

Such syndromes as excessive excitement and anxiety are always followed by strong urges to alleviate them through, for instance, the desire of looking perfect, or being somehow different from other people. Such strong attacks of excitement or fears not to be perfect or at least good, always divert people’s attention and not let them focus on another, not less important issue: being on time.

It is essential to learn how to handle your excessive excitement and anxiety. The first important step is being able to recognize the moment when your anxiety started interfering with your efforts on being on time. As soon as you have noticed that you are getting more and more anxious about the way you look or the way you are supposed to be, you should be able to interrupt this tendency immediately.

The second step is learning how to effectively alleviate your excitement, calm down and being focused on the time again. You can use such technique as a self-talk, or deep breathing, or counting to twenty. For the time you are counting, you can understand that your calls to choose new dress were to a certain degree absurd, and your attempts to be more than perfect were only taking your time. Try to get concentrated on the things you are going to do at the party or at the meeting, and persuade yourself that your only goal now is not to be late again.