Always 10 Minutes “Fashionably Late”, Or…?

Posted under I am Always Late on Monday 9 May 2011 at 10:32 pm

Some of us are lucky to mainly have more or less punctual people around, the people who value their time and the time of others. Some of us have two-three occasional latecomers around, who are very often late and make other people nervous waiting for quite long time. And there are  sometimes real chronic latecomers who are always late and mainly do not feel any guilt and always find reasons to justify such behavior of theirs. Some of them justify their habit of being late by so called “being fashionably late” for 10-15 minutes. But is this always just a point of fashion, or can there be something else behind such behavior?

Choose to be lateThe truth is: many experts are convinced in the fact that those who are always “fashionably” late actually consciously choose to be late and make other wait. Julie Morgenstern, one of the famous specialists on time management and the problems of chronic lateness, says that there are very conscious reasons behind being always 10-15 minutes late.

If you are literally always 10 minutes late, it’s psychological,” she says. What can be the most common reasons behind such behavior? Be it a search for receiving love and respect from other people, or an attempt to underline own importance, or an approach to showing how busy you are, or a way to crate a new crisis-like situation and receive an adrenalin rush, be sure that other people will not be willing to wait for you always and without questions. And no excuses like traffic jams, stolen money or broken car will work for you.

It is interesting that in many situations, being “fashionably late” also applies to many other issues and activities. For example, some people like being a little late with finalizing their monetary issues, like paying their debts or rent. Those who have this unhealthy habit, or those who have to deal with the type of people who always choose to be late, should be reminded (or remind the latecomers) that in order to live a happy and successful life, it is a must to honor your commitments, to show respect to other people, and show up on time. Otherwise people will tend to avoid you, and your bad habit can cause you your job, your partner, and possibly your happy life.