Coping With Changes: How To Relate To Changes In Your Life

Posted under Uncategorized on Saturday 11 June 2011 at 12:48 pm

Our life is filled with changes, and most people tend to feel scared and hate changes. But the truth is: we can’t escape changes and when time comes, we make decisions to change our job or move into another house, we lose our friends, we change the car, became parents of children or face other changes in our life. Those are actually quite big changes, and for many of us even such small ones like buying an new laptop or changing mobile connection provider is linked to numerous worries, stresses and other unnecessary negative feelings.

However, sometimes we have mixed feelings about changes, and we are waiting for changes both with fear and excitement. Even positive and promising changes can evoke feelings of anticipating something upsetting and disappointing. Some people feel scared of buying a new car thinking about the necessity to repair it or pay for its insurance. Many refuse having a pet like a dog or a cat because it will require extra efforts to take care about it. If you got tired of fighting against your fears and chronic anxiety related to changes, check out the tips below on how to cope with changes and make the transitions easier to live through.

1. Acknowledge the fears and uncertainty related to changes in our life. Remember that we are creatures of habit and it is normal to feel scared and intimidated by something new in our life. This is more likely in our nature, not in our psychology, so feeling uncomfortable about changing something in our life should be considered completely normal.

2. Do not feel shy to express your feelings. While experiencing changes, we live a great number of emotions, especially when we are thinking about various sides and details of the changes we are going through. It is very important not to keep anything inside and give the feelings a way to go out. This way one can get more control of the situation, begin feeling more confident and less vulnerable to the negative effects of changes. Give yourself some good time and show compassion to yourself to make it easier to go through changes.

3. Try to find positive sides and get concentrated on thinking about them. Undoubtedly, when you see more positive sides of an event or situation, it is much easier to live it. And we should remember that it is possible to find even small but positive sides in every changes, even the hardest and the most painful ones. Make positive moments be greater for you, and always hope for better outcomes and better results.

4. Talk to a friend or someone who can render you some support. Just like all other things in our life, it is better to live through changes when we receive help and support of other people. Share your feelings, ask questions and look for opinion of other people.