Is Your Lady Always Late For The Dates? Start Earning More!

Posted under I am Always Late on Tuesday 18 October 2011 at 3:25 am

Being a little late to a meeting or a date is considered quite possible for ladies. However, there are factors which actually can have effects on women’s mind making them respect and care about men way more. Will a woman be late to date with someone she respects and cares about? Less likely. So, what a man should be in order to have less chances to benefit from women’s punctuality, respect and love? According to the specialists at Columbia University, a man’s being overweight or just 5-feet tall is less important and means less to women than the size of the man’s wallet. Sounds too pragmatic? However, the richer the man the more attractive he is for today’s women, the scientists have found out.

According to the report of the specialists, written by Pierre-Andre Chiappori, the leader of the study, lonely people when looking for a partner, always ready for compromises. A a rule, when choosing a partner for life, two groups of factors are considered both for men and women: those are physical attractiveness and socio-economical attractiveness.  It was quite surprising for the scientists to find out that other factors like interests or sense of humor, have considerably less weight in evaluating a potential partner.

Moreover, the scientists went that far that attempted to create a mathematical formula to express the relation between body mass, body size and financial situation of a potential partner. It tuned out that for women, every 10 per cent of a man’s body mass can be compensated by as much as 2 per cent increase of the man’s annual income. In other words, a 6-foot man with body mass of about 80 kilos and annual income of hundred thousand dollars could have added 9 more kilos¬† to his body mass and compensate it with just 2 thousand dollars added to his annual income.

For men, along with physical factors of a possible life-partner such factor as the level of education plays a role. Less taller but more educated women still value very high in today’s men eyes. These interesting findings were received after interviewing about 665 modern American couples, with the assistance of the experts by the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. Pierre-Andre Chiappori says: “Our findings tell us that physical appearance is not such a big deal, and it’s easy to compensate for.” Read more about this interesting research in one of the recent issues of the New York Post.