Tips For Those Who Are Stuck In A Chain Of Bad Days

Posted under I am Always Late on Tuesday 21 September 2010 at 1:43 am

Undoubtedly, all of us at some point of our life have a chain of those days when we feel depressed, sad, dejected, agitated, anxious, when our fingers are all thumbs and we can’t get concentrated on anything. As a result, we feel unhappy and make people around us feel unhappy too. For such moments, it is very important for everyone to know, how to turn a bad day into a good bad day. Please, see the tips below.

1. When you are living one of those bad days, you should remember that doing nothing and just pitying yourself will not bring to anything good. Therefore, the first rule for making a bad day batter is to fill this day up with as many tasks and assignments as possible. Even if you do not feel like doing anything or feel extremely lazy, do not spend a day playing Hearts or Mahjong online. Do some serious activities, fill up your time with something interesting – and your bad days will turn into busy days which is a positive change anyways!

2. Do lots of exercises and outdoor activities. Many specialists would say that exercising is one of the most effective ways to manage your mood. The main advantage of this type of activities is a high productivity which is not linked to any necessity to socialize or demonstrate your inner self. From another point of view, outdoor recreation activities like swimming, jogging or cycling can help us to drift our focus away from our problems, get closer to nature and relax our mind. Enjoy emotional, spiritual and physical benefits of outdoor activities while you are stressed out or living one of those bad days!

3. Do one really nagging task, and then do something crazy, overwhelming or something pleasant you wanted to do for long time. First, make some efforts and do what you had to do years ago: tidy up your closet, clean up your PC table or write an email to your second cousin who you never liked. You’ll feel great after completing such a difficult task, and then afford doing something lightheaded or crazy, like dress up in an animal costume and go shopping to the neighboring mall, or get a piercing, whatever!

4. Talk to someone you respect or who is really important to you. Not necessary talk about your problems, just communicate with a person you’d rely on in any hard situation, and you’ll feel support. Call your old friend, your brother or uncle, talk about something you both share, recall some good times from you past and nourish your soul with those positive emotions and pleasant memories.

5. Remember that one of the greatest and best ways to feel happy is to make others happier. Therefore, doing something good for someone else will definitely make you feel much better! And also remember that one of the best ways to make others happier is to feel happy yourself.