What Our Laziness Can Tell Us

Posted under Laziness on Thursday 17 March 2011 at 5:43 am

lazinessAs we already know, what role such factors as laziness, depression and apathy can play for developing such nasty habit as being always late. Laziness and depression are the most common signs that many people display in the time period from late February to early April. This type of seasonal laziness, apathy and lack of inspiration can have serious effects on our productivity and psychological condition, but it is quite typical and many people have the same feelings this time of the year.

Actually, there are several types or sorts of apathy, which can be caused by certain factors like our health condition, stresses and so¬† on. If you wake up in the morning and feel very weak and lazy to perform even your usual daily rituals like making coffee or taking a shower, it can mean that your body is weakened and you need to support it by improving your diet. In this case, you laziness can be understood as a protective reaction of your body and mind, in order not to get too tired. A simple and good solution can be to add more foods rich in vitamin B, as well as to try making little changes in your daily routine and daily activities. Why don’t you spend more time outside walking around and looking for spring to arrive?

If your laziness manifests itself mostly at work and usually is linked to one definite type of job (writing reports, feeling a database, talking to your clients, etc.), it can mean that you actually feeling pressed and stressed out. This type of laziness can be pretty dangerous because it contributes greatly to accumulation of your tasks at work and making you being late again and again. Besides, you boss will tend to label you as a procrastinator that will affect your reputation, at least. Therefore, to get rid of this type of laziness, try to find the source of stress you are experiencing, and try to figure our what can be the best technique to combat this stress. Taking more rest, spending more time with your friends, aromatherapy, physical activities, a new hobby – those are the best anti-stress solutions I know.

There can be one more type of apathy and laziness which is linked to total exhaustion and constant overwork. Many hard-workers and chronic activists usually have really unlimited amounts of energy, but there are times when they just fall down and feel like not doing anything anymore. Sometimes it happens in the time of spring depression, too. Do not leave such situation to the flow, talk to your chief and ask for an assistant or tell him to relieve your job load, at least for some short period of time. It is very important too take pleasure from what you are doing, and, according to a recent study, apathy at work can cause even more serious outcomes than chronic stresses and depression. It is better to not do any work at all than do something that makes you feel apathetic or depressed.