Do Wealthy People Tend To Be Always Late?

Posted under I am Always Late on Monday 5 March 2012 at 2:50 am

Definitely most of us have such friends or colleagues who are always late, so it is necessary to wait for them all the time. It happens all the time, when they’re getting ready to go out or must¬† finish up something they are doing. And, the most irritating thing is: such people do not feel responsible or sad because of their nasty habit. This can be really frustrating and depressing, but, unfortunately, we have to deal with such kind of people quite often.

Weathly peopleHave you ever thought that social level and wealth of people can play a role in developing bad habits like being always late? The scientists at the University of California at Berkeley have published the findings of their study which state that wealthy people actually tend to behave unethically, especially towards other people around them.

After analyzing people’s social rank based on such factors as education, wealth, the type of occupation and occupied position, etc., the experts came to quite surprising and unexpected conclusions. It turned out that those who achieved professional success, who have some wealth and are occupying relatively high positions in the business organizations are actually have much stronger tendency to such things as cheating, breaking the law, telling lies, and demonstrating other types of unethical behavior. At that, in most of the situations such behavior is directed to other people, or on making the life of other people harder and more problematic.

As the experts underline, more and more of current events are showing that relatively wealthy and rich people are actually more greedy and more focused on own interests and problems compared to the people with lower income. In particular, the analysis of San Fransisco experts have demonstrated that those who have more expensive cars are more often involved in traffic accidents and cut off other cars. In the framework of other experiment, it was found out that wealthier people tended to admit that they used lies and other types of unethical behavior in order to win in a card game or receive a 50 dollar prize.

In a similar way, wealthier and richer people do not see anything unethical when they are 1 or 2 hours late for their meetings. However, according to the experts, the top moving factor of this tendency is feeling power. Having some financial savings make people believe that they mean something and have power. That’s why they are convinced that they have right to cheat, lie, and show all other type of unethical behavior toward other people.¬† There thoughts and always fed up from being greedy and being scared of the necessity to share their power with others. Certainly, the UC experts underline that the findings should not be applied to all wealthy people of modern times.

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