Perfectionism And Being Always Late

Posted under I am Always Late on Monday 20 December 2010 at 10:45 pm

We all know that being always late is actually a bad habit. It is closely linked to many other bad habits like being lazy and avoiding responsibility, being unable to estimate own time, being unable to understand that making other people waiting is not good, a lack of proper motivation, procrastination and putting things off all the time, ineffective time management skills and many many more. However, have you ever thought that such a habit as being always late can be actually associated with something quite positive, like increased responsibility and desire to be perfect in everything? Believe it or not, this is true!

Being a latecomer and a procrastinator is sometimes linked to perfectionism, especially in some of today’s business women. Some of them develop a hyper-responsibility and are trying to make everything perfect both in their offices and in their homes. For example, they can have a tendency to never leaving home until their dishes are done. “Let everything wait, but I am not leaving the house until it is not completely clean and fresh!” Actually, many of them understand that they are doing wrong and being punctual is necessary, but they can hardly do something. Sounds a bit absurd, but this is one of the main reasons why many modern women are usually late to their jobs or offices.

It is very very important for such people to understand that it is necessary to find a good balance between being perfect and being punctual. Making other people waiting, missing deadlines and running behind their schedules is something that causes lots of stresses for the perfectionists and everyone around them, and it actually contradicts with the full idea of perfectionism. That is why in order to find an effective solution and break the chain of procrastination and being always late, such people should receive some special attention, recognize their problem and then choose the best strategy for getting rid of thoughts about being perfect all the time.

A good exercise can be writing down all their tasks and actions for the day, and then prioritizing them. Write the most important and the most necessary things to be done on the top of your paper, followed by less important and the least important things. Choose to do first only the things which are vital and essential for you and your family, and understand the fact that dishes or cleaning the house are not that important sometimes. Also, increase your awareness of the fact that being on time is also a key factor that plays a role and can serve you for good in a great deal of various situations in your life! Timely people are always more appreciated, respected and are generally more successful in their life.

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