Manager Syndrome, Or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome At Workplace

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Manager SyndromeThere are a few true workaholics among us, who do not enjoy staying with their family or taking any kind of rest, and they end up going to their workplaces instead and working, working, working… Many specialists agree to the fact that this phenomena known as manager syndrome, should be considered a psychological disorder which is very often linked to many other more serious health conditions like chronic stresses, chronic fatigue syndrome at workplace, nervous tension and anger, restlessness, and many more. There were a few researchers conducted to look closer at the concept of manage syndrome, and there are some interesting conclusions that the researchers have come to, and which we should keep in mind in order to avoid falling victims of this common syndrome.

Certainly, at the first sight manager syndrome may not be linked to too bad effects. If a person tends to work more than he or she is supposed to, one many think that this can be only good, both for the employer and the employee. However, as the studies have shown, manager syndrome is very closely linked to a significant reduction in productivity and efficiency of the employee caused by constant pressure, restlessness, irritability, etc. Very soon, the employee starts feeling very tired and unable to perform the tasks or duties properly, meaning the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome. As a result, the employee may suffer from reduced immune system function, chronic diseases, other more serious health problems. Finally, manager syndrome can results not only in reduced productivity, but also in poor performance at workplace, leading to downturns in career development and even losing the job.

Who are at risk of suffering from manager syndrome? It is reported that people aged between 30 and 45 are at the highest risk of suffering from this problem. People of those age have extremely high wish to achieve success in their career, get promoted as fast as possible, bring more money to the family and achieve a certain social status. Specialists point to the fact that manager syndrome is a problem which is common not only among office workers, but among freelancers as well, who tend to take a lot of work and get drowned in it. Literally, any of us can fall victim of this condition, and there are certain symptoms linked to manager syndrome. Those include irritability, insomnia and restlessness, headaches, circulation problems and increased heart rate, decreased libido and problem in sexual life, etc. All these signs of manager syndrome cause reduced productivity and bring to negative effects in professional life.

Experts are convinced that the main cause of the problem is the necessity to escape the reality and hide from the problem that a person experiences outside of professional life. In other words, the employee who demonstrates the signs of manager syndrome is trying to get focused on work in order not to achieve new career success, but in order to avoid solving own social or personal problems. At that, as the studies have shown, women demonstrate the signs of this disorder quite rarely, and most men suffer from this problem. Most of male employees with manager syndrome reported about having serious problems in their sexual life, that is why they tended to look for salvation by higher better professional success. However, as a result they start suffering from more serious problems, including psychological and health problems, at that they still fail to achieve success in social and sexual life.

What to do if you started having the first signs and symptoms of manager syndrome? First of all, it is important to acknowledge having this problem and start taking a few easy steps by your own will. First of all, take some time to rest and do not escape to the office from your home. Find some hobby or something that would interest you outside of office. Learn to play golf or go fishing with your friends, take some yoga lessons or learn the basics of design, start your own blog or learn the basics of alternative medicine. Also, if you feel that you are really very tired and show the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, use some relaxation techniques and some natural remedies to support your health. Consult with your health care provide before starting any kind of therapy, even involving only common natural remedies.

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