Changes In Life And How We Cope With Them

Posted under Learning And Self-Development on Thursday 4 April 2013 at 9:48 am

Changes In LifeMany of us find the life to be very challenging and exciting . However, when we have to face changes in life, we very often feel stressed out and scared  a little. This is some kind of our human nature, and most of us tend to afraid of something new, even if new things bring some good change. Why is that so? Maybe we know that changes in life usually require us spending more efforts to regain something. Or we are just scared of the fact that something may go wrong.

We get use to coping with changes since our childhood, when our school or college life opens a lot of new interesting opportunities and prospects. Those include not only new environment, friends and subjects to master, but also a lot of new obligations and responsibilities. Besides, studying in college considerably increases academic, personal and social requirements, which continue escalating within the time of study. That is why every student experiences lots of different changes and individual developments when studying in college. Changes in life related to our education and academic life inlcude improvements of our self-organization, self-culture and learning skills. As students we learn, how to organize and to manage our time effectively, and how to schedule our daily activity, etc

Further changes in life bring to developing new social and communication skills of ours, the necessity to improve are skills in listening and understanding other people. We learn how to handle stresses and fight against different negative psychological aspects present in our working or personal environment. Very frequently we feel exhausted and pressed with various problems, starting from hard work and ending with a possible lack of success in our private life. In many young people, depression is caused by some confusions and misunderstandings of the period of adolescence, financial or other problems. Depression proved to be the main factor, which greatly affected abilities to succeed and develop a good career.

Thus, it is crucial to learn, how to fight bad thoughts, hopelessness and despair. As we learn more and more about this world, see other people handling things and fighting against the similar problems, we experience some psychological transformations in our mind and started looking positively at this world. In such situations, friendship and mutual support of the friend help to learn, how to be understanding and tolerant. Being close with other people is a unique and very effective remedy for many problems of modern people, but, unfortunately, in our times people feel more and more separated from each other as we spend our time watching TV or playing virtual games rather than spending time with our friends.

Other significant changes in life include developing many special skills which can help us be successful in our social life. Those go way beyond a simple ability to socialize.  We must learn how to control own behavior, to obey social rules and to find own place among the people around us. It is essential to learn how to become more independent, more resistive, stronger, wiser, as well as to be fit and to follow healthy lifestyle. Life is a very interesting and amazing journey we need to go through from the beginning till the very end, and learning to feel great in it and know to to cope with changes in life is one of the essential skills for every one of us. Only those who do not afraid of changes and always open their faces to something new feel total control of their life, feel like they keep their life in their hand, and feel great on their way to success.

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