Learning To Be Always On Time: Priorities

Posted under Motivation on Monday 8 November 2010 at 10:36 am

Many readers of this blog write and complain about their difficulties and a lack of success while trying to change their habit of being always late. Being unable to achieve fast and lasting results is something very natural because becoming punctual is a clear example of banishing bad habits like giving up smoking or gambling. It can be even more complicated as developing a habit of being always on time is closely linked to serious changes of the whole lifestyle which the person has been practicing for many years. Many available programs, trainings and solutions promise easy changes and results, but mostly they fail…

It is really difficult to change the lifestyle that you are following for long time as it is connected to lasting changes and a lot of mental work. Many specialists believe that changing a bad habit requires much more than just action – it requires serious preparation and, in particular, changing your priorities. It is very important to set everything in your mind and be one hundred per cent sure that you really can win the battle against your unwanted habit. If you want to achieve success, you should accept the responsibility and make your war against your bad habit a number one priority for you.

In other words, if you want to become a timely person, if you want to never be late, demonstrate your reliability and respect to other people by not making them wait for you every time, you should always remember and think about of this. You’ll need to demonstrate your willpower and your commitment to your plan on breaking a bad habit. It is essential to develop the right attitude and ask yourself a question, do your reputation and your dependability play a role for you? If those are important to you, make your first priority to get rid of the habit of being always behind your schedules.

Changing your bad habit, combating procrastination and becoming a more disciplined and timely person is impossible without accepting responsibility and starting to think about other people. Give your attention to other people’s needs and expectations, and understand that making them waiting for you all the time is not the way they should be treated. Stop focusing only on what you can or can’t do. It can be hard and disappointing, receiving no fast and lasting results, but you know that millions of people like you have succeeded in their attempts to banish bad habits.

Again, make changing your habit your first priority. Stop thinking that there are things which do not matter, because even if they do not matter to you, they can be important to other people. Try to understand that every minute of your life is very valuable and important, and even a few minutes can change everything. Make a priority to do everything possible to be always early – this is not really hard if you really make up your mind for this. Remember that all you need to do to start being on time is to making the right decisions and the right choices.

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  1. Comment by Jason — November 11, 2010 @ 9:04 am

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    I’m working on a school research topic of lateness, your materials are really useful to me!

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