Manager Syndrome, Or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome At Workplace

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Manager SyndromeThere are a few true workaholics among us, who do not enjoy staying with their family or taking any kind of rest, and they end up going to their workplaces instead and working, working, working… Many specialists agree to the fact that this phenomena known as manager syndrome, should be considered a psychological disorder which is very often linked to many other more serious health conditions like chronic stresses, chronic fatigue syndrome at workplace, nervous tension and anger, restlessness, and many more. There were a few researchers conducted to look closer at the concept of manage syndrome, and there are some interesting conclusions that the researchers have come to, and which we should keep in mind in order to avoid falling victims of this common syndrome.

Certainly, at the first sight manager syndrome may not be linked to too bad effects. If a person tends to work more than he or she is supposed to, one many think that this can be only good, both for the employer and the employee. However, as the studies have shown, manager syndrome is very closely linked to a significant reduction in productivity and efficiency of the employee caused by constant pressure, restlessness, irritability, etc. Very soon, the employee starts feeling very tired and unable to perform the tasks or duties properly, meaning the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome. As a result, the employee may suffer from reduced immune system function, chronic diseases, other more serious health problems. Finally, manager syndrome can results not only in reduced productivity, but also in poor performance at workplace, leading to downturns in career development and even losing the job.

Who are at risk of suffering from manager syndrome? It is reported that people aged between 30 and 45 are at the highest risk of suffering from this problem. People of those age have extremely high wish to achieve success in their career, get promoted as fast as possible, bring more money to the family and achieve a certain social status. Specialists point to the fact that manager syndrome is a problem which is common not only among office workers, but among freelancers as well, who tend to take a lot of work and get drowned in it. Literally, any of us can fall victim of this condition, and there are certain symptoms linked to manager syndrome. Those include irritability, insomnia and restlessness, headaches, circulation problems and increased heart rate, decreased libido and problem in sexual life, etc. All these signs of manager syndrome cause reduced productivity and bring to negative effects in professional life.

Experts are convinced that the main cause of the problem is the necessity to escape the reality and hide from the problem that a person experiences outside of professional life. In other words, the employee who demonstrates the signs of manager syndrome is trying to get focused on work in order not to achieve new career success, but in order to avoid solving own social or personal problems. At that, as the studies have shown, women demonstrate the signs of this disorder quite rarely, and most men suffer from this problem. Most of male employees with manager syndrome reported about having serious problems in their sexual life, that is why they tended to look for salvation by higher better professional success. However, as a result they start suffering from more serious problems, including psychological and health problems, at that they still fail to achieve success in social and sexual life.

What to do if you started having the first signs and symptoms of manager syndrome? First of all, it is important to acknowledge having this problem and start taking a few easy steps by your own will. First of all, take some time to rest and do not escape to the office from your home. Find some hobby or something that would interest you outside of office. Learn to play golf or go fishing with your friends, take some yoga lessons or learn the basics of design, start your own blog or learn the basics of alternative medicine. Also, if you feel that you are really very tired and show the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, use some relaxation techniques and some natural remedies to support your health. Consult with your health care provide before starting any kind of therapy, even involving only common natural remedies.

Significance Of Hawthorne Studies For Modern Organizational Development

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Evhawthorne studiesery manager must consider his group or organization as a dynamic developing social structure, which must not be taken as just a working machine. Friendly climate among the group members, proper feedback, openness of the administrators and attention to every single individual of working group make the employees feel more comfortable at work and, as a result, respond with better productivity.

The Hawthorn Studies demonstrate that it is good not only to establish employee’s duties, obligations and responsibilities, but also to stimulate his self-recognition, individuality, importance and pride, to make him feel involved into the whole process of work, starting from setting up the standards and ending with calculation of financial reward. In order to receive a good response, an employer must challenge his employees and encourage them to put their heart into the work. Employees must feel satisfied with what they have produced and the reward they have received for good output.

Recently the results Hawthorne studies came under the wave of severe criticism. A group of modern theorists headed by Berkley Rice defeats the discovered  principles and calls it “Hawthorne Defect”.  These specialists claim that the Hawthorne experiments were not very correct and effective from scientific point of view due to mistakes in investigational schemes, lack of control teams, etc. They refer to contemporary experiments, which were carried out under more severe control and did not demonstrate results similar to outcomes of Hawthorne experiments. Other researchers also admit lack of purity of Hawthorne experiments. For example, the majority of volunteers from Hawthorne plant were young men, who worked at highly developed factory, had good education and high motivation. Besides, the conclusions, made about the importance of social factors for productivity, were made mostly based on the results of the experiments with young ladies, the employees of the plant. And the fact that women actually evaluate social issues much more, than men, is known.

But at the same time, there are numerous practical cases, which prove legitimacy and effectiveness of hawthorne effect. Medical experiment, which took place in 1978 in the Department of Neuro-augmentive Surgery at the Sister Kenny Institute in Minneapolis, is one of such examples. A group of adult patients suffering cerebral palsy entered the experiment on improving their motor dysfunction. All of the participants were treated with good powerful cerebellar neuro-stimulators together with extra care and attention from the side of researchers and medical personnel of the Institute. Shortly all the patients informed about considerable improvements of their motor function and expressed enormous satisfaction with the treatment course. But, surprisingly, following medical tests did not indicate any progress of motor function of any patient. So, in this case hawthorne effect worked perfectly and brought to psychological improvements of patients as a result of extra attention.

Summarizing all the above data, it is possible to identify hawthorne effect as a helping tool when measuring attitude or behavior of an individual (for example, an employee or a patient). The main idea of hawthorne effect is: when people are aware that they are being supervised, they change their behavior. Therefore, hawthorne effect proves that participants of an experimental group always try to optimize their behavior or output, knowing that they are being measured. Scientific meaning of hawthorne effect, can be expressed as the following: in order to receive true and accurate information during an experiment, the structure of such experiment must be designed in such a way, which guarantees elimination or minimization of outer influence from the side of conductors of this experiment. In case if such minimization can not be provided and guaranteed, a special “distortion” of the results must be taken into account when making conclusions.

Hawthorne Studies And The Development Of Hawthorne Effect Theory

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During the experiments in the framework of Hawthorne studies, the employees demonstrated a stable rise of productivity in those groups, where there was a good contact established between them and their supervisor. As soon as the members of experimental group started receiving attention and encouragement from their boss, they recognized themselves as individuals, as important people, not just “somebody” working at production lines. Correspondently, in those groups, where supervisor did not demonstrate friendly attitude and was sever to the workers, output and efficiency were notably smaller.

During the experiments there were numerous other researching activities, like interviewing the personnel, carrying out work observation tests, etc. The most successful were sessions of personnel counseling, when a qualified management consultant was discussing work related problems with the employees, consulting them and giving professional advise how to make the work more pleasant. These experiments and researches resulted in significant growth of productivity at Hawthorne Plant, Hawthorne Effectimproved all economic indexes, helped to create perfect working environment and received lots of positive reaction from all the employees and administration of the factory. That is why the Studies, which had been supposed to last one year, have been conducting for more than 5 years.

Detailed results of Hawthorne Studies were publicized as a 600-pages book written by a professor from Harvard School of Business Administration and two senior administrators of Western Electric Company’s Hawthorne Plant. In this work the most important conclusion is stated as the following idea: all the improvements, which were demonstrated by the experimental group during the Studies, can be understood through the influence of social system on every individual member of the group.

In other words, all the improvements in workers’ performance and productivity must be explained from social positions, not by changes in particular intensity of lightening or shortening of working shift duration. The Studies showed that every workplace must be taken as a complicated social system, which consists of unique characteristics of every personality. That is how the authors comment on such a conclusion: “The work activities of this group, together with their satisfactions and dissatisfactions, had to be viewed as manifestations of a complex pattern of interrelations.”  (from “The Hawthorne Effect and Its Relationship to Stuttering.” John Harrison).

But, probably, the most important finding of the Studies was the fact that productivity of any working group can be influenced and improved by manipulating with physical, social or psychological characteristics of working environment. Hawthorne StudiesIt means that any administrator can use a number of hidden indirect controls and methods to improve the response of his subordinates and increase the productivity of the group or organization, using above mentioned environmental variations.

The Studies also demonstrated that the impact of exactly social demands of the employees, both inside and outside of the working group, appeared to be much more important than any material requirements of working environment. For example, it became obvious from the interviews and consultations that it was much more important for the employees to feel respected, appreciated, valued and to be secure at their workplaces, than to be provided with some modern equipment, machinery or developed technology for physical part of their work.

Hawthorne Studies received the best application in developing Human Resource Management theories of evaluating intervention effectiveness. These researches specified instruments and sketched the schemes of stimulating of productivity of the employees, gave some hints about the opportunities of improving efficiency of the personnel, and underlines importance of social factor for achieving good results in organizational operation. It was proved experimentally that such characteristics, like excessive informality in the group of employees or establishing steady fixed norms of output, usually affect productivity.

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