Too Busy To Be On Time??

Posted under I am Always Late on Friday 5 March 2010 at 4:09 am

My mom is not a latecomer, but she has one of the most dangerous predispositions to this problem. She is an extreme workaholic and there’s nothing she hates more than “wasting” her time for waiting in a queue in the market or at the bus stop. She is very rarely late because she is very good about estimating how much time she needs for doing this or that. But those people, who are usually too optimistic about their time can’t avoid becoming chronic latecomers.

Such kind of people often fall into the same trap again and again. If once upon a time it took them, for example, 5 or 10 minutes to get ready for going out, they start believing that it is normal to plan only 5 minutes for getting ready to go out at any circumstances. But they are forgetting that in that fine day the breakfast was ready, the dress was prepared in the evening and there was no need in looking for winter bots or umbrella.

How to beat the lateness caused by inability to do correct time estimations and desire to pack as many activities as possible in the time given? I would suggest trying to get rid of these two problems separately and consequently. First, try to learn being realistic in your time estimations. Use watches and timers, and measure the time you need to accomplish one or another task or activity. Write down your findings and compare them to the ones you received before: this way you’ll know how much time you need for the things you do every day.

Also, pay more attention on scheduling your daily activities and doing only the things that should be or would better be done. Spending your time for unnecessary or unimportant things – this is a real wasting of your priceless time. By the way, if you hate spending time waiting for someone and that’s why you are never on time, plan some useful things to do while waiting. Make calls to your friends, do some planning or write letters, listen to audio books or learn a foreign language. How many useful and interesting activities can be done while waiting for someone!

Finally, you should give up the idea of being on time and always plan to be a little earlier. If you plan to be on time, something will definitely come up in the last minute, and the same old thing will happen again. Instead, you can schedule some things or activities, which are not urgent or of less importance, so if you really happened to have time before going out, you can do these things. Try to change your attitude towards your time and the time other people spend waiting for you, and you’ll be able to become more punctual and earn more respect of your friends and colleagues.

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