Abusive Bosses Vs Abusive Wives

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Some men are very well familiar with the following situation: they wake up in the morning and go to work to meet their abusive boss. He is always aggressive, loud and using fowl language, stubborn and authoritarian. He is all around all day long and there’s no way to escape from him. And when the working day is over, the poor man goes back home where his abusive wife is waiting for him. She can demonstrate physical aggression including clawing, kicking, throwing things into him, destroying property, be verbally abusive, or use any other sort of abuse.  As a result the man is bound to get constantly depressed, lose his interest in the life, get sick, and – definitely to be always late.

Abusive BossCertainly, this situation the worst imaginable picture of a man’s life, however, according to the findings of a recent study, having as abusive boss can seriously harm a man’s private life and even literally turn his wife into an abusive one. The experts at Baylor University are sure that those men who suffer from abusive and aggressive bosses are at high risks of having the same kind of problems in their families, including lower satisfaction from their relationships with the wife and children. These findings were recently published in online journal Personnel Psychology.

The study included questioning and analyzing the situation at work of 280 office employees, as well as studying their personal relationships with their family members. If a man’s professional life dominates with rudeness, a lack of understanding, public criticism and other abusive behavior of the superiors, it always reflects his private life. “It may be that as supervisor abuse heightens tension in the relationship, the employee is less motivated or able to engage in positive interactions with the partner and other family members,” Merideth Ferguson, one of the study leaders, said.

As a result, all negativism, stresses and constant irritation affect family life of men, and these tendencies can end up as terrible as divorce. If a man is being abused in the office, he feels constant anger and tension, a lack of competence, starts questioning all the relationships in his life. Experts believe that such stressor as abusive behavior of a superior is one of the most destructive factors which can affect personal life of the employees. That is why it is necessary to use workplace supervision and surveillance techniques in order to prevent abusive behavior of bosses and protect the employees from the effects of the abuse.

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