9 Easy Ideas About Happiness And Being Happy In This Life

Posted under Motivation on Tuesday 24 January 2012 at 1:05 am

In our times of economic and financial crisis, social and environmental changes, growing number of serious diseases and infections, a lack of positive emotions and hopes for future, and even`end-of-world’ threat, how many of us can say that they really feel happy? And how many happy people can we see around us? People are busy and focused on solving numerous problems and managing stresses, so they have no time even to think about happiness. Want to feel happy? Check out the list of the ideas below.

1. feel happyYou can not feel happy unless you believe that you are happy. Being aware about your happiness and treasuring your happiness is the only way to maximize your feeling happy and take the most of this life!

2. Making others happy is the most effective way to be happy. It is a very common stress and depression management technique, which works perfectly well and always helps people feel good and happier. Making someone happier, making someone’s dream come true, making someone be more successful or self-confident can make a serious difference in your life as well, and you’ll feel happier!

3. Do not be afraid of looking too stupid or annoying because of being too happy. Some would suppose that happy people look too foolish and annoying, when sad and pessimistic people look more serious and smart. However, in real, happy people look much warmer and more friendly, more open and self-confident, less boring and selfish.

4. Happy people can share their happiness and make others happy as well. Think of that: if you can not make other people happy, are you really a happy person? I guess the answer is “rather not”.

5. You can start living a happy life on the foundation of your own nature. Listening to yourself, trying changing yourself for better, feeling happy with own individual growth, progress and success, feeling like being at the right place in this life and in this world – those are very important factors for feeling happy.

6. All you need to feel happier is to think of feeling good and right. Giving up thinking about endless problems, ailments, troubles, stressful conditions and pessimistic ideas, and learning to think of feeling good, safe, not troubled and healthy, will substantially improve your mood and make you feel heppy!

7. Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect. Being happy means having reasons to be happy, seeing beyond imperfections and problems in your life, enjoying being who you are, appreciating and taking pleasure from every moment of your life,

8. Trying to be happy is not selfish or self-absorbed. Some may believe that in the world full of diseases, poorness, suffering and tears, it is too selfish or callous, trying to be happy. There is also a public perception that happy people are not interested in the outer world and get focused on only their happy life. The truth is, happy people are much more open for helping others and sharing their positive emotions with those around them.

9. Start being happier right now!

5 Bad Habits That Make Us Waste Our Time

Posted under Time Management on Monday 9 January 2012 at 6:21 am

We already know that inability to manage our time properly and being unaware of the most effective time management techniques can cause being always late and making other people disappointed with this bad habit. Sometimes we fail to do the things in the most effective way and we tend to lose our time for doing something that can be done much faster. In the worst situation, we’re spending our time and efforts on trying to get everything done as fast as possible and fail to figure out what can be the best way to get everything accomplished on time.

time managementBelow, check out the list of 5 most common ways we usually spend our time in not too very effective way, that leads to stresses, inability to succeed and achieve, lower self-esteem, and…being always late.

1. You avoid asking for help. Most of us do not like asking for help of other people in order to feel being in total control of what we are doing. If you feel that you can do everything yourself, it may have an impression that you can avoid stresses and be more powerful. However, asking for help of other people can help you not only complete your job faster, but also receive better quality results, because other people can be more experts in something. For example, asking a stranger about a place you are looking for in an unknown area can help you save hours from searching the place you need.

2. You look for ways to do a job with less efforts. Sometimes we do not feel like giving out 100 per cent  of efforts for doing some task or a job, so we start spending our time for looking for ways to procrastinate, to avoid doing the job, or doing it half-heartedly and without any enthusiasm. At the same time, it is usually possible to mobilize all the efforts and do the job in no time, but we do not see that and spend days to procrastinate. Keep this idea in mind when planning your daily tasks and thinking over your time management abilities.

3. You are convinced that this is not your job. The above mentioned idea can be applied to this situation as well. Sometimes we think that this is not our job to do what we are supposed to do, and we’re spending days for thinking over who to delegate it to, or how to avoid doing it. Do not waste your time and be sure that sometimes even unrelated jobs can be yours to handle.

4. You spend so much time for useless emotions and talks. Getting involved in useless dramatizations or explanations always takes a lot of time, and an ability to organize your work with minimum talks, emotions, delays, or preparations, will help you save a lot of priceless time.

5. You do not take time to rest. It is a common notion that a good office worker must always be busy. That is why most of office workers quickly master the technoque of “looking busy”. That is why social networking or surfing the Internet are the most common activities in the offices which are not overloaded with work. However, remember that we all need breaks in order to maximize our efficiency and productivity. That is why taking 5-10 minutes of break every 2-3 hours is absolutely useful and normal, and such kind of short breaks will help you in improving your time management skills, will assist you in avoiding wasting your time and become a good tool to achieve more success.