5 Tips For Doing It Your Way

Posted under Motivation on Monday 25 July 2011 at 5:14 am

We are all sometimes fall victims of stereotypes and traditions. Despite of the fact that we have our own specific abilities, talents, needs, desires or tastes, in many situations we are forced to act the way it is common or required to act. We are to a great extent influenced by such factors as our gender, age, ethnic origin, social status, economic situation, culture and many others, which make us very often suppress our inner calls or truth and do some things the way everyone does. However, each of us has the right for doing the things in our own way, no matter if the society is ready to acknowledge this or not. This is the only way for us to reveal our uniqueness, our personality and our independence.

doing it your wayIf you are one of those who feel not enough of freedom for doing it your way, if you’re in need support and want to listen to several important ideas about how to open your inner self and celebrate who you are, the tips below can assist you in finding the shortest and the best way to living a great life in your own way.

  • Learn to hear your inner voices. Of course, we all hear our inner voices very often, and those are mostly the voices of fear, judgment, laziness, hesitation and so on. However, it is essential to listen to the voices that reveal your inner values and your true self. It will help you find the way to use your abilities and skills for living your life and doing it your way.
  • Get motivated and recognize your commitment. After learning to listen to the inner voices, it is the time to be always curious and focused on the challenges you are getting ready to face. Find answers to the questions, what is going to work for you, or what matters the most for you. Learn to know the difference between the perceptions or reactions of other people and your own understanding of one or another issue or event.
  • Learn to be sure in yourself. It is very important to trust yourself and be sure that the choices you are making are right. Also, remember that it is never late to take control of your own life into your own hands, and there’s no time to blame yourself in not doing this before.
  • Do everything to reveal the real you. Try to set true and open relationships with your inner self, and do not suppress any idea, thought or action which would help you reveal who you really are. Even if your thoughts are dominated by stupid or useless ideas, do not try to hide them and know that the life built on truth is the best life imaginable. Remember that you have a right to live according what it true for you.
  • Develop the need and the wish to be happy in this life. Get happy from living every single day of your life, and get happy from doing it your way!

Bad Habits In Us Which Are Sometimes Hard To Spot And Combat

Posted under Uncategorized on Thursday 7 July 2011 at 11:10 am

We know a lot about bad habits, especially about bad habits that other people have. Those can include various bad eating habits, smoking and other unhealthy habits, bad behaviors like being always late, being impolite or show no respect to other people’s feelings, and many many more. Very often we notice and take offense at bad habits of the people around us, but don’t we have bad habits, too? bad habits“Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”  the Bible teaches us. Below, there’s a list of quite common bad habits which many of us have but not many of us know and admit having those.

  • Looking for ways to pass the responsibility to other people. It is quite natural for people to avoid responsibility, but many of us tend to develop this bad habit to the most severe form of it, when they tend to fail admitting own fault and own responsibility even for certain personal things. It is necessary to always properly evaluate any situation and learn to admit own mistakes or own carelessness. People who do not blame others in their own problems always make an impression of strong individuals.
  • Imposing our own standards on other people and attempting to judge other people accordingly. Many of us fail to understand that the things which seem to be good or appropriate to us can be bad and improper to other people. Therefore, it’s essential to learn an easy idea: so many men, so many minds, and it is possible to understand the same situation under many different angles. Do not judge or criticize people who understand the same thing in a different way!
  • Getting drowned in unnecessary sarcasm and negative comments. Many people are trying to show that they are witty and cool by sharing their negative thoughts, making fun and even insulting the people around them, etc. This is a very improper way to show how awesome and great you are.
  • Failing to express our appreciation and gratitude. Most of us do not say “Thank you!” even for the things which do deserve appreciation. This is one of the most common bad habits which simply shows impoliteness of the person.
  • Failing to always listen to what other people say. It is one of the most common bad habits, which is very often linked to one other behavior pattern: talking and thinking only about own problems. Learn to listen to the others, ask questions about their problems or opinions, observe their reactions and behavior, and you’ll understand this world much better and will definitely win a reputation of a better person.
  • Trying to win in everything, no matter what. A lot of people among us are spending absolutely useless efforts for being the first and the best in all possible circumstances. Very often, this habit puts such people in quite stupid and even funny situations.