What You Need To Keep In Mind To Become An Achiever

Posted under Motivation on Tuesday 26 October 2010 at 1:27 am

In the most cases, those who belong to the army of chronic procrastinators and those who are always late recognize their problem. They feel ashamed of their own inability of being organized and try to do everything possible to train their discipline muscle. However, such attempts to change their habits, give up chronic procrastination and being late very often have no positive results. This is the time when it is necessary to look for an effective motivation and learn more about psychology of achievers.

become an achieverMany people around us always achieve their goals. What is that we don’t have to become achievers? Special genes or special psychology? Is it possible to learn how to become an achiever? Below, there are tips for those who want to turn from eternal losers and latecomers into successful people who always comeĀ  on time.

1. Know your strengths and your weaknesses. God’s given us a number of talents and special skills that we can use to achieve success in this life. Therefore, knowing and understanding what skills and what powers of yourself you should use in order to be successful is one of the key factors for achieving the goals.

2. Always keep in mind that it is possible to achieve what others have achieved. If people can raise from secretaries to bosses and presidents of their companies, why can’t you? All you need is to be a hardworking and developing personality, be persistent and determined on your way to your goals!

3. Never procrastinate and always make a step ahead. By only dreaming and thinking about achieving your goals and being successful will not actually bring to any positive result. Take action, create a plan and a strategy to becoming a new person, a new successful man or lady, and follow it day by day.

4. Know your goals and find out the meaning of your life. Figure out what exactly you want to achieve in your life and try not to waste your time for anything else. If you are interested in career opportunities, then work on making your qualification higher and finding the best organization for yourself to develop your career. If you are more of a family person, think about the best ways of raising your children and taking care about your spouse.

5. Believe in yourself. Enjoy the opportunity to use your full potential and be sure that you are capable of attaining the goals you set for yourself. Be always opened to learning new things and be sure that you’ll manage with all kind of tasks and challenges.

6. Always think positively. Only positive attitude, good energy, persistence, determination and other similar personal traits can help you become an achiever in this life.

Tips For Developing Your Discipline Muscle

Posted under I am Always Late on Monday 11 October 2010 at 10:12 pm

discipline muscleA lack of self-control and too weak discipline muscle are among the leading reasons of being always late. It is essential to learn the basics of self-control and self-discipline since the early childhood otherwise it can be difficult to master the rules of effective time management, managing stresses and self-organization.

Below, check out some tips of how to built discipline muscle and improve own self-discipline.

  • Learn to face your fears and problems. Do not hide or pretend to be busy when your superior is calling you to his office. Do not delay writing e-mails to your sister or mom. Do not neglect regular visits to your dental care specialist. Always face and solve your problems as soon as possible, and you’ll not only develop a huge discipline muscle but also improve your reputation and earn true respect of your colleagues.
  • Know your goals and every day do a step toward achieving them. Write down what you want to achieve in a short-term and in a long-term period. Every day do something small or big which will bring you closer to achieving your goals. Be dedicated, focused and courageous on your way to your goals. Also, learn to keep your word no matter what it takes.
  • Always think twice before you speak. Sometimes what we speak out brings us to decline. By speaking something wrong or inappropriate we miss the opportunity to receive a promotion, we lose our friends and our reputation. That is why it is very important to learn thinking before speaking something out. Take a deep breath before speaking and think: is this exactly what you are going to say? Won’t you mess the things up by saying this? Won’t you hurt anyone? This simple strategy can be quite hard to master, but it will bring you great results in a short period of time.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet and cooking proper meals every day, doing lots of physical exercises and outdoor activities, avoiding fast food restaurants and walking instead of taking a bus – doing this everything on a regular basis is actually not easy thing at all! But this is one of the best ways to not only remain healthy and fit, but also to train your discipline muscle. This will help you develop such personal traits as persistence and diligence, as well as learn to overcome obstacles and hardships. This way all the latecomers can train their will and learn being on time.