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PunctualityPunctuality is something that has been highly valued and esteemed for centuries. “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late,” Shakespeare wrote, and Lord Nelson opens his secret to us, “I owe all my success in life to having been always a quarter of an hour before my time.” “Punctuality is a virtue, if you don’t mind being lonely”, somebody wise said, and in our life filled with communication, social activities, friendly ties and obligations, punctuality is simply a must!

Since our early age, we are being taught punctuality by our parents, our teachers and our friends. It becomes apparent that if we do not follow this simple practice of being always on time and never making other people wait for us, we will most likely have problems and suffer in our academic, professional, social and personal life. It is impossible to cover up and hide this nasty habit of being always late from the people around us since they will sooner or later be involved in the negative consequences caused by our tardiness and lack of punctuality.

Usually, punctuality is strictly linked to very effective planning and scheduling skills. If a person is not able to estimate correctly the time necessary for completing one or another task or action, he or she will be constantly late and have to face such failures as missed opportunities, lost friendships and unachieved goals. In other words, if you are not punctual, you are a loser, and the best idea is to demonstrate punctuality in every part of your life, from getting to work on time to going to bed on time.

However, it is really hard sometimes, and chronic latecomers are constantly looking for advice on how to change their life and their attitude. To be more punctual, start controlling your daily activities an find the point, when you are starting to run behind the schedule. This can be getting up late and staring the day with missing your bus and arriving to work late, or waking up too eary and being unable to pull yourself together for hours in the morning. Try to spot the first thing that makes you late, and changing it can help you to become more disciplined and punctual.

Also, analyze your daily activities closely and find out what exact things or actions make you run late. There are good chances that you will be able to find 2-3 particular activities or occupations that take too much of your time and efforts and stop you from your being on time. Spending too much time surfing in the net in the morning, talking too much to the phone in the afternoon or doing so much shopping in the evening – whatever it is, you can start changing this very thing and open a new path on your way to being never late again.

More Tips On How To Be Late Never Again

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Being Late No MoreAs I have told you before, I know quite a lot of things about being late and being late no more because just few years ago I myself was a kind of latecomer. And, using my knowledge and willpower I managed to beat the habit and win the battle. Now, I rarely run behind the schedules, but still sometimes I feel familiar calls for lazing and doing nothing for long time. I guess, being late no more is not about self-discipline or self-respect. It is about achieving your goals. It is about the things that you need to think about all the time, every day and every minute. If you want to achieve something in this life, of course.

There are few important ideas and conclusions I made on my way to becoming a more punctual person. I hope at least some of them can help you to change something in yourself, or at least begin thinking about being late no more.

1. Learn to speak persuasively and prepare several phrases which can help you to interrupt a meeting or a talk. “I am very sorry but I have to our talk because I have a meeting in 20 minutes”. It is not easy to learn doing this, but making your person understand that you are following your schedule evokes nothing else but respect.

Be Late Never Again2. Always be pessimistic in your time estimations. Be sure that one or another task will take longer than it usually takes. This will help you learn finishing your tasks and assignments on time, and probably even come earlier. Also, it is important that this will help you be calmer and more organized.

3. You can stimulate the development of guilt complex for your being late. Imagine that a person who is waiting for us feels cold or hot and uncomfortable waiting for you.

4. If you are always successful in justifying yourself for your chronic lateness, it can be very hard for you to change your habits and learn to be late never again. Do not look for justifications and try to implant the idea in your mind about changing your attitude and learning to be more organized and disciplined.

5. Do easy exercises for those who want to be late no more. First of all, learn to estimate and feel the time correctly. Get a timer, start it and begin counting 60 seconds (not looking at the timer). Compare the results you received (most likely your 60 seconds will last longer than actual minute). Besides, you can train yourself to be always aware, what is the current time. These easy exercises will help you to feel time better and value it.